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I admit to feeling a bit sheepish that I never thought about all the ways in which the attempt to write professionally would change my relationship with books in general.

I mean, I have read books voraciously my entire life. I learned to read so young (1) that I cannot remember NOT knowing how. And yet I never gave much thought to the publishing industry. How it influences both writers and readers.

It's not a huge loss, I suppose, to feel now unable to pan things on Goodreads unless the author is dead, but the way I now pay attention to imprints and bestseller lists gives me a taste of what I imagine sports fandom must be like.

For example, I won't pan City on Fire publicly even though I hated it because how the industry perceives its success could affect the sellability of Decadence Papers. and, if Decadence does sell and City on Fire has sold out its advance or even just generated good buzz, they might solicit a blurb from its author, so it would be poor form if I had yelled on Goodreads about how I wanted to use it as fireplace tinder.

And now, a couple books dropped this week that I'm avidly following, cheering for in fact, because how they do will impact whether J&S can sell Casket. If they skyrocket, Casket would be easily driven to auction; if they tank, it'll be a mega hard sell, or just get back-burnered or circular-filed.

And I'm going to wind up buying them both regardless because I'm so conscious now about how it affects the industry to vote with my wallet.

And they're not kidding when they talk about how slowly things move in the traditional publishing realm. I'm not just talking about myself there (though I gather that the sale of a first novel by a literary writer often takes years). This guy who wrote Queen of the Night (2) was seven years in the process of editing after it sold.

And I guess really I'm just trying not to dwell on how unrealistic my expectations had been regarding what would happen after I signed with an agent.

1 - Age 2. I have been reading longer than I've been peeing in toilets.

2 - This is one of the books which I'm hoping does really well this year.


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