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It never fails to surprise me when someone comes to a graduate school interview, brings their mother and father, and the parents proceed to participate in the whole shebang. Like, way to guarantee your daughter isn't getting in.

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Jeezus. As the offspring of extremely overprotective parents I truly know the struggle but as an adult it's your responsibility to set some boundaries and grow a pair. Gah.

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Well, these people sat here in what is OBVIOUSLY a working shop, getting in the way (like just sitting in the chair in front of an industrial serging machine, so that if you had to use it, you had to say, "Excuse me, but i need to use this").

And the mom had 2039482 questions while the daughter just stood there. THEN the dad said, "so how many girls apply to this thing?" Nevermind that we have male applicants, nevermind that we have male alumni.

And they asked "where the dorms were that you all live in" and this one student goes, "My husband and i have a townhouse in Durham" and i about spewed my drink.